तक्षशिला से मगध तक यात्रा एक संकल्प की . . .

Bharatiya Way to Celebrate the New Year

“Dosto countdown begins on 31st…Kesi he tayyari..!!”  This was the heading of this photo on the Face book wall of a teenager. I was stunned by this. One may feel that it is old-fa…

स्रोत: Bharatiya Way to Celebrate the New Year

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  1. O Rama, in this connection there is an ancient legend which I shall narrate to you.

    In the continent known as Jambudvipa* there is a great mountain known as Mahendra. In the forests on the slopes of that mountain many holy men and sages lived. They had in fact brought down onto that mountain the river Vyoma Ganga * (or Akasa* Ganga*) for their bath, drinking, etc. On the bank of this river there lived a holy man named Dirghatapa* who was, as his name implies, the very embodiment of ceaseless austerity. Meanwhile, BJP came to power. In the name of development, they cleared the forest and gave mining leases to rich businessmen after chasing away all the sages.

    टिप्पणी द्वारा Jai Hind | जनवरी 4, 2017 | प्रतिक्रिया

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