तक्षशिला से मगध तक यात्रा एक संकल्प की . . .


It was beginning of Monsoon in 1989 when we went to Ratnagiri in western coast of Maharashtra. My younger brother Makarand had completed his Diploma in Metallurgy and was to join an industry their on his first job. I had gone with him to settle him down. He was just 17 then, he is 3 years younger. After making arrangement for his monthly lodging in food etc and visiting the factory we went to visit the Birth place of Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak and also the house in which Veer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar was kept in house arrest. From there we went to the seashore. It was almost the sunset time. The atmosphere was very heavy. Everything was gray. Sand also black with lot of iron in it. The sea was rough with waves roaring high. There was a cloud cover and it was very bleak and intimidating experience. Sun was as if fighting to shine through the gray clouds.


It was as if the nature was challenging one’s core of being.  Unexpectedly some words exploded. I still remember shouting at the waves to overcome the roar and challenging. I think at that time the words were in Marathi. I feel I had written them down somewhere but… even though the poem was not always available to be read but the sense remained always alive and whenever there were tough times it surfaced. The nature challenging and the inner core responding. Its the rebel expressing itself. This time when the feelings manifested the words were in Hindi. . . . .

हे सागर तू क्या अपनी
उद्दाम लहरों से
मुझे  ललकारे?

याद नहीं मैंने अगस्ति बन
तेरे जुड़वाँ गंगासागर को
पी लिया  था . . . .
अबके रत्नाकर तुझे
तेरे अनुपम भंडार
पूरा ही पचा जाऊंगा
छेड़ना मत!

ओ मदमस्त सह्याद्री
भूल गया शिवा के घोड़े की तापों को
मत ललकार अपनी गर्वोन्नत ऊंचाई से
बौना कर दूंगा
सदा के लिए
जैसे किया था कभी विन्ध्याद्री को
है आज भी वही तपोबल

और हे तेजोमणि दिनकर
काली बदली फाड़ झांक रहा
मत ललकार अपनी आग से
अबकी बार छलांग लगा
फल के सामान खाने नहीं आऊंगा
कर लूँगा तेरे तेज को प्राशन
और लगा दूंगा
आग अपने ही हृदय में
वासुदेव, बाल और विनायक
के सामान . . . . .

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