तक्षशिला से मगध तक यात्रा एक संकल्प की . . .


There has been an eternal battle between the Dharma and the Adharma. It has been occurring since the era of the Mahabharata. The selfish people whose allegiance was towards  some individuals, rallied in the Kaurava army, for the fulfillment of their ulterior motives. Even the valiant Bhishma Pitamaha, who was endowed with a noble thoughts and an impeccable character got constrained by the shackles of his personal oath and joins the army of Adharma. Guru Dronacharya who had been encumbered by the onus of the illusory gratitude towards the Kauravas, while blessing Yudishtara, nevertheless got influenced by his allegiance and formulated a strategy of creating a Chakravyuha. On the other hand the army fighting for the Dharma, was also wrought with personal ambitions, oaths and vengeance. Everyone was not fighting for attaining a common goal. Then what was the difference between them. Were the Pandavas on the side of the Dharma and the Kauravas against it? Was it because they were seeking retribution for the injustice meted out to them?  Were they avenging the dishonour done to Draupadi? No…

bhagawadgitaThe side of the Pandavas becomes associated with Dharma only due to the charioteer, Lord Krishna. His message of Dharma converts the family feud into a battle of Dharma. The battle in Mahabharata would have remained a struggle between two brothers in the absence of Geeta, at the start of the battle. The exhortation of the Karma, is a ceaseless message for the establishment of the Dharma. All our personal objectives get elevated to a noble level, by the benediction of the Geeta. They serve as contrivances for establishing Dharma. The gist of the Dharma is shrouded in the first and the last word of the Geeta. The first shloka is spoken by Dhritarashtra whose attachment for his son, is the fundamental reason for this war. ‘ धर्म षेत्रे कुरु क्षेत्रे ‘. Dharma is the first word. The last shloka of the Geeta is uttered by the first clairvoyant correspondent of known history. यत्र योगेश्वरो कृष्ण यत्र पार्थो धनुर्धरः | तत्र श्री विजयी भूति धृवा नीतिर्मतिर्मम || The last word is मम[ me]. The subject of Geeta is मम धर्म- my Dharma-Swadharma. Geeta instructs on what is to be done in any circumstances. Geeta guides us into metamorphosing our individual-centric thoughts into holistic thoughts.

Everything which has come into existence has a definite objective. The creation of lifeless objects by the human race, even has a objective. The most expensive car, cannot be even regarded as a vehicle, meant for own transportation. It is made for ferrying the driver and the other passengers to their destination. The chair is made so as to perform the function of making others comfortable. It does not seek its own comfort. When all these objects have been created for serving others, when their existence has a definite  objective, how can the human race that deem itself to be the most superior of all the living beings, be selfish? This is caused by lack of self consciousness. Arjuna was also afflicted by this ailment, at the beginning of the Geeta. He got completely overwhelmed by the sorrow of the imminent death of his loved ones, due to his illusion of regarding the battle as a means for fulfilling his personal interests.

vikalpThe entire world has presently, got deluded about his self-consciousness. As his vision has got dazzled by the external glitz and glamour, he has lost the identity of the truth. This identity crisis is the root cause of all the trouble tension, crime, violence, communalism, terrorism and robbery in the world. Man is trying to escape from himself. The increasing importance of ostentation in worship indicates this tendency of escapism. The religion propounded by the descendants of Abraham has been regarding their strife for augmenting their political hegemony and numerical preponderance, as a battle for Dharma and   shading human blood for the last few centuries. The fallacy of regarding the environment as a means for fulfilling the vested interests is also responsible for this delusion about the self consciousness. All this is propelling the world to a cataclysmic culmination. The Mahabharata also witnessed this kind of catastrophe. Geeta imparted relevance to the battle. Hence Dharma was established after the war and sublime peace which gave joy to all reigned for various eras and attained a lofty reputation.

Geeta is alive even today. Yogeshwar Krishna is eager to guide us even today. Are we ready to rouse the spirit of Arjuna. Arjuna attained his disciple hood in the  seventh shloka of the second chapter. शिष्यस्तेहम शाधि माम् त्वां प्रपन्नं After accepting our drawbacks and attaining disciple hood, Geeta will manifest itself. Are we prepared for this?

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